About the Project

They told us our stories aren’t worth remembering, this is where you find your truth.
TRUTH is an interactive web portal that seeks to leverage AI to surface more accurate stories and depictions of Black women and girls online. TRUTH aims to serve as an affirmation, a memory, and a guide for our community. It is a digital portal of ancestral knowledge where Black women and girls can reclaim their stories and their connection to their absolute selves. 

TRUTH is a project of GOOD MIRRORS. Founded by Genel Ambrose, GOOD MIRRORS is a cultural institution committed to accurately reflecting Black women and girls as whole and dignified beings through storytelling, community empowerment projects and social impact initiatives. Learn about GOOD MIRRORS here.


Creator/Lead Artist: Genel Ambrose 
Lead Collaborators: Aisha Shillingford and Shanna Sabio
Research Manager: Nzinga Muhammad
Data Scientist: Lauren Schores
Syllabus Development: Mali Collins Ph.D
Art Directors: Sulamita Javier & Nia Acosta
Design: Elisa Slaton
Web Development: Carleton Maybell 
Background collage art: Doriana Diaz